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About Chuck Striler


My fascination with homes and their intricate systems initially ignited during my time at vocational high school. Following my high school years, I spent over 25 years in the electrical supply industry, affording me the valuable opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge about every facet of homes, encompassing construction, upkeep, and mechanical systems.

For me, this isn’t merely a profession; it transcends the realm of work. In truth, it hardly feels like a job at all. The joy lies in the ability to interact with new individuals daily, guiding them in unraveling the mysteries of their current or future homes. I consider it a privilege and express daily gratitude for this fulfilling endeavor.



With over three decades dedicated to the construction industry, Marc reached a point where he sought a new direction.

In early 2015, Marc embarked on his journey into the realm of home inspection with our organization. Following rigorous training and after successfully conducting over 200 home inspections, he acquired his Massachusetts Home Inspector’s license, transitioning into a full-time role as a home inspector.

From the outset, Marc has consistently garnered the trust and admiration of both customers and real estate agents he encounters. He serves as an outstanding ambassador for our company and embodies our core principles. Beyond his formal training and hands-on experience, Marc approaches his work with a genuine passion and derives great satisfaction from his daily interactions with our clients and their agents.



Andy has been actively employed as an HVAC technician since the year 2004. His extensive background encompasses the installation and maintenance of a diverse range of heating and air conditioning systems, encompassing oil, gas, propane, and more.

Throughout his substantial tenure in the field, Andy has been fortunate enough to engage with various property types, including new constructions, renovations, and expansions. This extended period in the industry has provided him with valuable opportunities to collaborate closely with other skilled tradespeople, allowing him to acquire a wealth of knowledge about their respective trades.

Furthermore, Andy’s qualifications extend beyond HVAC expertise; he holds licenses as an oil burner technician and a sheet metal journeyman. He is also EPA certified and remains committed to ongoing education to ensure he remains up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

About Greg Prew


Greg brings a blend of honesty, integrity, and extensive practical experience to each inspection he undertakes. With a license as a Construction Supervisor and Home Improvement Contractor spanning over 15 years, Greg has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the realm of residential homes.

Greg’s professional background includes a remarkable 21-year career as a firefighter and 26 years as a paramedic, skills that have honed his ability to communicate clearly and effectively while remaining composed in challenging situations. His passion for assisting individuals in understanding their homes, potentially their most substantial investment, shines through in the meticulous care he provides to every client.

Additionally, Greg actively participates as a member of InterNACHI and maintains a commitment to ongoing learning and advancement within the home inspection field.



John Hagman is a licensed Home Inspector in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He collaborates closely with his clients, facilitating their comprehension of the various structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical components within the homes they intend to purchase.

With a remarkable career spanning over four decades in the electrical contracting sector, John has traversed various roles, from apprentice to project manager. His comprehensive understanding of construction has been cultivated through involvement in a broad spectrum of projects, spanning residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and healthcare sectors. This extensive experience equips John with the unique ability to provide clients with invaluable insights to guide them on their path to homeownership.

In addition to holding Master and Journeyman electrical licenses in Massachusetts, John has pursued a passion for martial arts since 1974, achieving a 6th-degree black belt in three distinct disciplines. Furthermore, he has served as Vice President and Co-owner of Excel Martial Arts since 1997, a role that has honed his communication skills, enabling him to mentor, motivate, and educate others effectively.



You can trust me to perform a high-quality and thorough home inspection. I’ve studied with top home inspection associations in order to ensure you get more than your money’s worth. Consider hiring me for your home inspection, and I can guarantee peace of mind, a comprehensive report, and excellent satisfaction. Home inspections are a vital part of your buying, selling, or maintenance experience, and I’m here to ensure you get the most out of this opportunity.

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