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Devan Ranalli Avatar
Devan Ranalli

Marc was amazing, so thorough and explained everything as we went through the inspection. This is the second time we’ve used this company and both Chuck and Marc did a great job each time! Everything is done electronically including the report which makes for quick and easy access. I had my report the night of the inspection ! - 5/23/2019

Chris harwood Avatar
Chris harwood

Chuck was awesome. Took the time to look at everything and document it all with pictures and answered all my questions. Top notch service and well worth the fee. - 3/21/2019

Jeremy Swanson Avatar
Jeremy Swanson

My wife and I were first time home buyers and Marc really took the time to make sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. He is super professional, very knowledgeable, and quite funny! We had our inspection at 1pm and he sent us a completed detailed report the very same day! We could not have had a better experience. Highly recommend! Thanks Marc! - 6/26/2019

Michele Clark Avatar
Michele Clark

Mark recently conducted a home inspection for us. He did a fantastic job!! Found things we never would have known to look for. He has also done an inspection for my son and my daughter. He’s the best!! - 4/12/2019

Stefanie Good Avatar
Stefanie Good

Chuck is great! His website is super user-friendly. I could schedule, pay for the inspection, and view the report all on there. I went to the inspection and he explained any issues he found and later included them in his report. He is also very personable. My home inspection was enjoyable! - 1/18/2019

Curtiss Carter Avatar
Curtiss Carter

What can I say? This guy is the Consummate Professional at what he does! This is my first time ever buying a house and I had no idea all that was involved in the inspection process let alone did I know of any home inspectors! I called a friend who referred Chuck to me (Thanks Paul Faria) and I have no regrets! Chuck was on time at the property and very much ready to get to work. He greeted my wife and I like we were old friends and proceeded to start work! He invited us to ask any questions and even stated that there are no stupid questions when it came to inspection! His Professional Eye saw things my eyes would have never caught! He was thorough, precise and welcomed us to follow him around as he pointed out things that were immediate concerns as well as the little things that could become big things! I am so very pleased with the Inspection Chuck did! I would Strongly recommend him to anybody looking for an honest and thorough home inspection! This guy can save you tons of money if you are looking to buy a house! ESPECIALLY A FIRST TIME HOME BUYER! - 8/13/2019

Justin B. Avatar
Justin B.

5 star rating Had Chuck from Striler Home Inspections do my inspection for my first home purchase. Every piece of the entire process was easy and worry-free. They have scheduling on their website where you see the date and times available (had my inspection done within 2 days), which was a great help since the other companies I had to leave messages while they were likely in the middle of other inspections. Chuck completed the the inspection report the same day, despite their website saying next day and it was extremely informative with pictures, graphics, and arrows show items being pointed out.

Any question I had for Chuck was answered throughout the process of the inspection and his level of knowledge is extremely high. I will recommend to anyone I know looking for a house.
- 10/12/2018

Raymond Turcotte Avatar
Raymond Turcotte

As a Realtor I've worked with Chuck and his staff for about seven years now. Likely close to 100 inspections including my own home. He is exceptional! Personable. Thorough and detailed. His reports are user friendly. Lots of photos and info that is helpful to any buyer or someone getting ready to sell their home. Can't say enough great things about Striler Home Inspections! Thank you Chuck!! - 3/03/2019

Rhonda Rezendes Avatar
Rhonda Rezendes

I was referred to chuck from a friend just had her new house inspected she highly recommended him, he was great very professional & thorough. he provided me with great insite of my new property as well I would recommend him to anyone one looking to new a new or condo - 11/26/2018

Brett S. Avatar
Brett S.

5 star rating I had an inspection with Striler Home Inspection recently on a house my wife and I are purchasing in Holliston. Chuck was wonderful. He was on time and prepared when he got there.

During the inspection, he took the time to explain everything to me very carefully and show me everything he was going to note in the report. He took many photos as well. He happily answered any and all question I had and carefully looked at anything I told him I was concerned with. He seemed to have a thorough understanding of all areas of the inspection.

We recently had an inspection on a home (over 500sf larger than this one) that we ended up not buying (see my previous review of the "other" home inspector) and this inspection was literally twice as long. That's how much more thorough Chuck was.

The inspection report was emailed to me by Chuck later that night. The report impressed me. Everything was color coded (safety issue, maintenance item, things to keep an eye on) so it was easy to make sure you didn't miss anything important. Most of the noteworthy items had photos with a red arrow pointing out any damage or issues.

I highly recommend using Striler Home Inspections. Even my realtor, who has worked with many inspectors, was very impressed.
- 10/19/2012

Helen Husher Avatar
Helen Husher

Marc Rodrique was professional, informative, thorough,and objective. His report, which came quickly, was coherent and detailed. How many stars is the maximum? - 11/26/2018

Amanda McKelvey Avatar
Amanda McKelvey

Hands down the best! Chuck was extremely thorough throughout the entire house and made sure to explain everything he was doing. Chuck answered every question I had and made me feel like he cared about the house I was buying. I am confident in his report and know I made the right choice with him as my inspector! - 6/04/2019

Ciindy sylvia Avatar
Ciindy sylvia

Had Marc Rodriquez do the inspection of the condo I was buying. What a fun guy! Very knowledgeable, very thorough and very polite. An absolute pleasure to work with. You rock, Marc! - 10/27/2018

Kathy Leombruno Avatar
Kathy Leombruno

Chuck is very thorough and professional. He's also one hell of a nice guy! I highly recommend him and will only use him for all of my future home inspections. - 7/18/2019

Nicole Fagundes Avatar
Nicole Fagundes

Highly recommended!! Marc made the inspection process a breeze. Very knowledgeable, great attention to detail and the report is very easy to review. Scheduled the inspection via their website, took 1 minute. Very convenient! Don’t stress about a home inspection, just use Striler! - 4/12/2019

Raquel Smith Avatar
Raquel Smith

Marc from Striler home inspections was great! I'm a first time home buyer and was a little nervous about the process. Marc walked me through and explained everything clearly and thoroughly. He encouraged questions and made me feel comfortable enough to ask anything. For a first time home buyer I am glad to have had Marc for my home inspector, I would definitely recommend him! - 6/03/2019

Nathaniel Eberle Avatar
Nathaniel Eberle

Hands down some of the best customer service - paired with top-notch expertise - that you'll get in any industry.

We used both Chuck and Marc for inspections and couldn't recommend them more. They even made the trip up to Andover for our new home.

Their reports are thorough, helpful, and they really take their time with clients to make sure you understand what they're seeing, while easily categorizing the items as things to watch or things to fix.

And they're funny guys to boot. ;-)
- 6/27/2017

Andy Nguyen Avatar
Andy Nguyen

Great job! Chuck was highly recommended by my agent and she was correct! He was very thorough in his inspection, report, and recommendations. I’ve had a couple of properties inspected for various reasons and have to say Chuck is the best. Would recommend to anyone. - 11/19/2018

Eugene Matz Avatar
Eugene Matz

Great experience working with the Striler team. Marc was extremely thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail and answer any and all questions that I had. He really put me at ease with the home buying process and I would highly recommend him and Striler Home Inspections in general to anyone looking for a quality home inspector. Great local business. - 11/22/2019

Scott Miller Avatar
Scott Miller

We are moving back to Massachusetts and Chuck was able to inspect with our realator the house we made an offer on. The inspection report was very comprehensive and professional. I would recommend his company to anyone who wishes to either purchase a home or selling a home. Thanks to Chuck and thanks for reading this as well. - 10/08/2018

sheila phinney Avatar
sheila phinney

Chuck was very friendly and personable. He was very thorough and inspected things we wouldn't have thought of. I highly recommend him! - 4/18/2019

Kristin Gaeta Avatar
Kristin Gaeta

Marc was amazing to work with. As a first time home buyer, he put me at ease right away and explained everything he was doing as he was doing it. He let me walk around with him which also was great as I got to see and understand and talk to him about it. I will definitely recommend him to friends and families buying there homes. - 10/02/2019

Christina Cavanaro

Excellent Experience We worked with Chuck of Striler Home Inspection services at the advice of our buying agent this fall. He was absolutely fantastic. He was clearly extremely experienced in the specific field of home inspection and he approached the inspection with diligence and thoughtfulness as if he were the buyer himself. He was extremely kind, easy to talk with, completely respectful, and informative. As a new homeowner you can feel overwhelmed, but he was patient, kind, and empowering. He was meticulous in his assessments. From scheduling, to invoicing, to the report itself, the process was absolutely seamless and timely. I would recommend this company over and over again to anyone looking for an exceptional experience. The app/software he uses for his business is fantastic. The report is extremely detailed while still being easy to navigate. This document is an asset in and of itself, especially as a new homeowner who cannot possibly remember all the information during the inspection (even with taking notes!). The report uses video, photos, key icons, standard text and individual comments to outline findings, advice on type of intervention/severity of need, and what type of intervention is most appropriate (handyman versus licensed professional etc.). His pricing was extremely reasonable based on comparisons which was hugely helpful for our budget. Look no further - you cannot beat Striler. - 10/19/2019

Caroline Ciulla Avatar
Caroline Ciulla

I was very nervous about taking this next big step of buying a home until I had a home inspection with Striler Home Inspections. Chuck walked me through every part of my home and not only inspected it, but gave me tips on maintenance. I learned so much about the ins and outs of my home and when the inspection was done, I felt so much more confident about my decision to buy. The info about the inspection was very easy to understand and was complete with pictures too. Striler Home Inspections is the company to chose...very affordable! - 5/27/2019

Glen Goldsboro Avatar
Glen Goldsboro

Definitely exceeded my expectations! My realtor (who just happens to be the very BEST around) referred Striler Home Inspections to me and even took the time to set up the appointment on my behalf.
The morning of the inspection, I arrived 15 minutes early only to find that Chuck was already at the property and had begun inspection of the exterior.
Upon introduction, I found Chuck to be professional and extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the home inspection. Chuck was never dismissive of my inquiries and even encouraged me to follow behind and ask questions or identify areas of concern. Chuck spent nearly 2-1/2 hours conducting a detailed, efficient and thorough inspection of the 1600+ sf home and its exterior.
Less than 6 hours later, I received a detailed and comprehensive inspection report by email. The report was informative and easy to follow. It contained an array of color photos as well as color-coded descriptions of the identified areas of concern.
If you’re looking for a home inspector who's friendly, punctual, thorough, and knowledgeable, look no further than Striler Home Inspections.
- 5/03/2019

Ryan Schell Avatar
Ryan Schell

Marc was very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful in this inspection. He was early to the inspection and was ready to hit the ground running. He hit all areas possible inside and outside of the house. He was concise when he needed to be and expanded on anything I had questions about. The inspection report came very quickly (within a few hours), and was very easy to access online. Would recommend to others going for an inspection. - 9/25/2019

Cameron Wolf Avatar
Cameron Wolf

Chuck is incredibly thorough, super friendly and loves his work. He is passionate about what he does and he is great at it. His final report gets delivered fast and with tons of pictures, color coded, and very detailed. He is the only inspector I'll ever hire. - 8/22/2018

Joy E. Avatar
Joy E.

5 star rating I cannot recommend a company any higher than I would recommend Chuck and Striler Home Inspections.  After researching the home inspector my broker suggested, we found a few concerns and decided to find our own.  After a voicemail was left asking about his services and availability, Chuck got right back to my boyfriend, answered his questions, reminding him there are no stupid questions and told us he could be available 3 days away.  Throughout the inspection, Chuck (and his apprentice Mark) were courteous, friendly, thorough, respectful, and clearly knowledgeable.  Unfortunately for us - the house was full of problems and we walked away.  

The report that Chuck gave to us not only gave a full, color-coded description of problems and concerns but there were photos that went along with the descriptions, complete with arrows pointing to exactly what was described.  It was impressive and our broker commended him for his work and us for finding him.  When we are in the position to have our next (and hopefully final!) home inspected, we will be using Chuck.
- 3/11/2016

Loretta johnson Avatar
Loretta johnson

We had Marc Rodrigue do our home inspection on a house we are buying. He was very courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. He explained everything as we were going through. Asked several times if we had any questions. I would hire him again for house inspection. - 10/18/2018

Ryan Crowley Avatar
Ryan Crowley

Worked with Chuck for my very first home inspection, he was thorough, explained everything, had a great nose which is unexpectedly important.. he gave me all my options and was transparent enough for me to recognize a bad deal, he presented all of my options, but it was a bit obvious after Chuck pointed out every flaw in the place. Second time around I felt like I knew at least some of the major things to look for so I felt a bit more confident in my choice. This time around I ended up with Marc, the house was thankfully much better (Chuck told me this would happen), Marc was also super thorough, pointed out and explained a bunch of minor flaws, he even explained my heating system and how I could make better use of it. Less to say about Marc I guess, but only because everything went so smoothly.. He seemed to be just as thorough. They both seem like great guys. A+ - 12/13/2019