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Colby LeClerc Avatar
Colby LeClerc

Striler Home Inspections are amazing! Chuck and his team are very professional and methodical with their work. I highly recommend to use whether buying or selling. Their online platform make it super easy for scheduling, payment, inspection review of the report, and follow up! Great work! - 8/13/2019

Macklin Walls Avatar
Macklin Walls

Chuck Striler was timely, thorough, polite, and gave fair pricing for quality work. After the inspection within a few hours I was given an in depth report which was well organized and easy to follow. He categorizes the inspection by different parts of the home and color coordinates each item with importance of repair. If I buy another home in the near future I would certainly use him again and I highly suggest others to do the same. - 10/31/2019

Rhonda Rezendes Avatar
Rhonda Rezendes

I was referred to chuck from a friend just had her new house inspected she highly recommended him, he was great very professional & thorough. he provided me with great insite of my new property as well I would recommend him to anyone one looking to new a new or condo - 11/26/2018

Glen G

Definitely exceeded my expectations! My realtor (who just happens to be the very BEST around) referred Striler Home Inspections to me and even took the time to set up the appointment on my behalf. The morning of the inspection, I arrived 15 minutes early only to find that Chuck was already at the property and had begun inspection of the exterior. Upon introduction, I found Chuck to be professional and extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the home inspection. Chuck was never dismissive of my inquiries and even encouraged me to follow behind and ask questions or identify areas of concern. Chuck spent nearly 2-1/2 hours conducting a detailed, efficient and thorough inspection of the 1600+ sf home and its exterior. Less than 6 hours later, I received a detailed and comprehensive inspection report by email. The report was informative and easy to follow. It contained an array of color photos as well as color-coded descriptions of the identified areas of concern. If you’re looking for a home inspector who's friendly, punctual, thorough, and knowledgeable, look no further than Striler Home Inspections. - 5/03/2019

Nicole Fagundes Avatar
Nicole Fagundes

Highly recommended!! Marc made the inspection process a breeze. Very knowledgeable, great attention to detail and the report is very easy to review. Scheduled the inspection via their website, took 1 minute. Very convenient! Don’t stress about a home inspection, just use Striler! - 4/12/2019

Daniel Eddy Avatar
Daniel Eddy

We had Marc come out for our home inspection on a cold Saturday morning. As first home buyers he really put us at ease as we walked through the property, explaining each step in detail and answering our questions thoroughly. Even answered our 8 year old daughters random questions! Great experience and a genuinely good guy. - 11/27/2018

Jeremy Swanson Avatar
Jeremy Swanson

My wife and I were first time home buyers and Marc really took the time to make sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. He is super professional, very knowledgeable, and quite funny! We had our inspection at 1pm and he sent us a completed detailed report the very same day! We could not have had a better experience. Highly recommend! Thanks Marc! - 6/26/2019

Jessie B Avatar
Jessie B

We had the pleasure of having Marc for our home inspector for our new home. We are first time home buyers and he let us know everything he could about the property even little maintenance things to prevent further issues. He was very honest and made us feel so much better after it was complete. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for inspections. Thank you Marc! - 5/06/2019

Scott Miller Avatar
Scott Miller

We are moving back to Massachusetts and Chuck was able to inspect with our realator the house we made an offer on. The inspection report was very comprehensive and professional. I would recommend his company to anyone who wishes to either purchase a home or selling a home. Thanks to Chuck and thanks for reading this as well. - 10/08/2018

Shahriar Jahan Avatar
Shahriar Jahan

Highly recommended. Chuck did the inspection for us. Very knowledgeable, great attention to detail. We are first-time buyers and very 'noob' about home-owning. Chuck pretty much tutored us during his inspection showing us what he's doing and why he's doing and stuff to keep an eye on for future. Thank you, Chuck! - 5/10/2019

Michele Clark Avatar
Michele Clark

Mark recently conducted a home inspection for us. He did a fantastic job!! Found things we never would have known to look for. He has also done an inspection for my son and my daughter. He’s the best!! - 4/12/2019

Chris harwood Avatar
Chris harwood

Chuck was awesome. Took the time to look at everything and document it all with pictures and answered all my questions. Top notch service and well worth the fee. - 3/21/2019

Andy Nguyen Avatar
Andy Nguyen

Great job! Chuck was highly recommended by my agent and she was correct! He was very thorough in his inspection, report, and recommendations. I’ve had a couple of properties inspected for various reasons and have to say Chuck is the best. Would recommend to anyone. - 11/19/2018

Matthew F. Avatar
Matthew F.

5 star rating We just received a home inspection from Chuck this week, and we were very happy with his services. Chuck was very knowledgeable and thorough, and we are more confident moving forward with our home purchase after working with him.

On a personal note, Chuck is a really nice guy and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- 9/30/2017

sheila phinney Avatar
sheila phinney

Chuck was very friendly and personable. He was very thorough and inspected things we wouldn't have thought of. I highly recommend him! - 4/18/2019

Keo P Avatar
Keo P

Striler Home Inspections was recommended to us. We found excellent reviews and an informative website, so we decided to go with them.

Marc was our home inspector on the day of our inspection. He did a walk through with us pinpointing some things that we should keep in mind, recommendations, etc. If we had any questions, he would answer it to his best ability. Working with Marc was quite a breeze. He even had a great sense of humor which kept the inspection least stressful as possible. After the inspection, we received the complete report a few hours later through email. It was organized in categories with high quality photos, information, and recommendations. We had the pleasure of working with Marc at Striler Home Inspections!
- 10/02/2019

Raquel Smith Avatar
Raquel Smith

Marc from Striler home inspections was great! I'm a first time home buyer and was a little nervous about the process. Marc walked me through and explained everything clearly and thoroughly. He encouraged questions and made me feel comfortable enough to ask anything. For a first time home buyer I am glad to have had Marc for my home inspector, I would definitely recommend him! - 6/03/2019

Nathaniel Eberle Avatar
Nathaniel Eberle

Hands down some of the best customer service - paired with top-notch expertise - that you'll get in any industry.

We used both Chuck and Marc for inspections and couldn't recommend them more. They even made the trip up to Andover for our new home.

Their reports are thorough, helpful, and they really take their time with clients to make sure you understand what they're seeing, while easily categorizing the items as things to watch or things to fix.

And they're funny guys to boot. ;-)
- 6/27/2017

Johanna & Sam Avatar
Johanna & Sam

We had a wonderful time working with Chuck. He was thorough, clearly very knowledgeable, and very patient with all of our first-time-homebuyer questions. The report was detailed, easy to read, and completed very quickly. Highly recommended! - 11/16/2018

Cameron Wolf Avatar
Cameron Wolf

Chuck is incredibly thorough, super friendly and loves his work. He is passionate about what he does and he is great at it. His final report gets delivered fast and with tons of pictures, color coded, and very detailed. He is the only inspector I'll ever hire. - 8/22/2018

Laura Schiffer Avatar
Laura Schiffer

Marc was great with the home inspection for the purchase of our new home. From start to finish he was engaging and informative. He gave us some great insights into possible things needed down the road to keep our home safe and efficient. The inspection report we received showed every nook and cranny of the house, that we could gain access to and ally of detail went into the report. It was laid out in a manner that was easy to follow and address. I highly recommend Striler home inspections for any of your inspection needs. - 7/31/2019

Ian McNeice Avatar
Ian McNeice

We had our first home inspection with Chuck Striler himself on recommendation from our realtor. He was thorough in his reporting as well as kind and understanding of the naivety of first time home buyers. He clearly explained each step of his process and addressed all of our individual questions and concerns while making sure to check in with us frequently if we had any further inquiries. Not only that but he was willing to admit when he may not have known everything as he explained with out water heater that he could not diagnose the severity of its current status and suggested a separate inspection. Afterwards, he gave us plenty of opportunity to ask questions days after the inspection and even gave us a free radon test! As a home inspector, he is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in his industry. As a person, he is a kind, humorous, and personable guy who I will be sure to give my business when inspecting my next possible home! - 1/09/2020

Stefanie Good Avatar
Stefanie Good

Chuck is great! His website is super user-friendly. I could schedule, pay for the inspection, and view the report all on there. I went to the inspection and he explained any issues he found and later included them in his report. He is also very personable. My home inspection was enjoyable! - 1/18/2019

Didi P. Avatar
Didi P.

5 star rating Highly recommend Chuck Striler and Striler Home Inspections.

He's honest, knowledgeable and incredibly thorough - going above and beyond what's required. As first-time homebuyers, we weren't sure what to expect from the process, but Chuck clearly explained what he was looking at, what he was looking for, and why it mattered to us. He's also approachable and friendly, and gave us straight answers to all our questions.  

His detailed color-coded inspection report (provided later that day!) was written in plain English and made it easy for us to know what to focus on.

Chuck is a true professional who cares about providing top-quality service to his customers.
- 2/17/2016

Nay S. Avatar
Nay S.

5 star rating Through a recommendation from a friend who had hired him twice, Chuck came all the way to Lowell, MA to do a condex inspection. I called him Weds and he was available to schedule on Friday! It was a 1300sqft condo but he spent 2.5-3 hours inspecting everything from top to bottom! Knowing we were new homeowners, he took the time to explain everything that he did, major/minor issues, and things to monitor. He took pictures of everything he inspected and provided us with a detailed and comprehensive report within 12 hours. He also provided us with additional information including a handbook.  Additionally, he was really pleasant, informative, knowledgeable, and funny.

What's even better is that Chuck's rates were much more affordable than other inspection companies! I highly recommend him to all my friends and family.
- 10/26/2015

Eugene Matz Avatar
Eugene Matz

Great experience working with the Striler team. Marc was extremely thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail and answer any and all questions that I had. He really put me at ease with the home buying process and I would highly recommend him and Striler Home Inspections in general to anyone looking for a quality home inspector. Great local business. - 11/22/2019

Justin B. Avatar
Justin B.

5 star rating Had Chuck from Striler Home Inspections do my inspection for my first home purchase. Every piece of the entire process was easy and worry-free. They have scheduling on their website where you see the date and times available (had my inspection done within 2 days), which was a great help since the other companies I had to leave messages while they were likely in the middle of other inspections. Chuck completed the the inspection report the same day, despite their website saying next day and it was extremely informative with pictures, graphics, and arrows show items being pointed out.

Any question I had for Chuck was answered throughout the process of the inspection and his level of knowledge is extremely high. I will recommend to anyone I know looking for a house.
- 10/12/2018

Devan Ranalli Avatar
Devan Ranalli

Marc was amazing, so thorough and explained everything as we went through the inspection. This is the second time we’ve used this company and both Chuck and Marc did a great job each time! Everything is done electronically including the report which makes for quick and easy access. I had my report the night of the inspection ! - 5/23/2019

Michael Jacques Avatar
Michael Jacques

My wife and I are first time home buyers. Chuck was incredible and thorough at our home inspection. He literally talked us through each step so we knew what was going on. He really is there working for you and I would fully recommend him. Do yourself a favor and hire him as your home inspector. - 12/14/2019

Ryan Schell Avatar
Ryan Schell

Marc was very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful in this inspection. He was early to the inspection and was ready to hit the ground running. He hit all areas possible inside and outside of the house. He was concise when he needed to be and expanded on anything I had questions about. The inspection report came very quickly (within a few hours), and was very easy to access online. Would recommend to others going for an inspection. - 9/25/2019